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Mega Man


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The Blue Bomber is back!

Mega Man was originally a game for Nintendo Entertainment System that released almost 30 years ago, in December of 1987. Since then Mega Man has been considered one of the most classic and iconic video game characters long with the likes of Pac-Man, Mario, Link, Sonic and many others.

In the games, Mega Man, named "Rockman" in Japan, is an android created by Dr. Light to be a lab assistant. However Dr. Light's fellow scientist, Dr. Wily, treacherously converted Dr. Light's robots into evil fighting machines! Mega Man  volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot to help defeat Dr. Wily and the converted androids, know as the robot masters.

The proposed set includes a miniature version of Dr. Wily's castle from Mega Man 2 as well as a surrounding playset loosely modeled after a stage in Mega Man Battle Network 3. It includes different biomes that reflect the stages where Mega Man fights the different robot masters. I tried to give the playset a "Voxel' look to reflect the retro, pixelated nature of the games. I hope you like it!

The minifigures include Mega Man himself, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Dr. Wily . . . Maybe a few more in the future.

The entire playset consists of around 900 pieces and would probably come in at around $80. However, part of the beauty of this project is that the set could easily be expanded or shrunk to meet different price points. At the lowest tier, I suggest a $20-30 set including Mega Man, Dr. Wily, Ice Man, and the miniature castle. 

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