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Legend of Zelda: A Link from the Past


Don't worry, we'll be back!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all your support! This will be the last day that this project is up to support. It is then very fitting that the last pieces for version 2 of the project arrive later today. I plan on launching the next project much more aggressivly and ensuring that it is very attractive from the get go. I had to make some difficult decisions and unfortunately I felt that the scope of the project had progressed past what was inititally proposed here in version 1, and I decided to let it run its course while I work on getting version 2 up to speed. If all goes according to plan I will have version 2 up and running by the end of the year. Thank you everyone for your support and I hope you're back again in a few short months! 


Status of the Project

Hello everyone

I am currently in the process of reviving the project. Originally I was going to post everything as an update here, but as the deadline looms I have instead decided to post it all as a new project once this one reaches its deadline. The scope of the project has changed significantly since I originally submitted it and I believe that it will be better if I give the project a fresh start.

Here's just a few of the things I'm looking to include: A custom-made Link figure (already finished), a Lynel figure (finished), an Oktorok (finished), a Tektite (finished), and the ability to easily transform the stand for 8-bit Link into a playset that can be used with the figures (currently in progress). I think the changes make it a much more versatile project without raising the piece count a significant margin. I also plan to record a video that provides a sort of "review" of the project and its features, but I will not be able to film that until I finish designing the new stand, order the bricks from Bricklink, build it, make any necessary revisions, and then find the time to record. Once that is done I will still have to edit the footage and record a voice over, so it could be months before the new project is ready. 

Please be patient, but I hope you're as excited as I am for what's on the way. Thanks for everyone's support so far!


More updates on the way!

Hey everyone! 

Just a head's up that there's still more to come. I'm currently working on incorperating an Octorok, a Tektite, and a Lynel into the project! It wouldn't be fun if the Link minifigure didn't have any enemies to fight, now would it? The good news is that these enemies use very few pieces and would barely influence the cost of the set, yet they add more play function and increase the sets appeal. Stay tuned to see and hear more! 


Comments from Nintendo's President regarding the use of Nintendo's IP

Hello everyone!

I have some promising news.

For those of you who are unaware, Nintendo recently had their Q3 fiscal meeting. A common complaint about Legend of Zelda projects is that people do not believe Nintendo would partner with Lego. I think there's some comments from Nintendo's current President that really fly in the face of that idea and highlight why I think a Nintendo and Lego partnership is more likely than ever. Check them out below! 

"As part of utilizing Nintendo IP, we hope to increase visibility of Nintendo characters in the daily lives of our consumers and boost familiarity with the worlds in games made by Nintendo as entertainment. By combining the effects of many such initiatives, we aim to create an engine of competitiveness in the dedicated video game platform business and all of our other businesses.

I will introduce several examples from 2017. The winners of the UTGP T-shirt design competition held in cooperation with Uniqlo were announced, and their designs were sold in Uniqlo stores worldwide.

Kellogg released a breakfast cereal in the US that features Mario on the box. The box contains a new initiative, an amiibo tag with an NFC chip.

Last year we also piloted the release of the main theme songs from game software on music distribution services, ahead of the release of the game software itself.

In addition to these examples, we are engaging in other initiatives to boost opportunities for consumers to interact with Nintendo characters by increasing the number and variety of regional and worldwide collaborations with partner companies. In this way, we will continue seeking to raise the value of Nintendo IP and maximize the potential of our overall business strategies."

-Tatsumi Kimishima, President of Nintendo.


Here's a simple rendition of what Link *could* look like if this becomes a set!


Quick Update on the Link Minifigure

Hello everyone!

I made a few minor touch ups to the Link minifigure in Photoshop to help represent what the minifigure might look like in an official set. I colored the red feather on the hat green and I fixed up the washed up colors of the shield. Hope you guys like it!


The Website is up!

I've built a website dedicated specifically to this project. Follow this "Link" and check it out!

It's got all the current images, information, videos, and it will soon have instructions! Please support and share! Comment if you have any criticisms, cocerns, or suggestions! 


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming up:

I've still got lots more photos, instructions, information, convention appearances, and hopefully a giveaway or two around the web, so stay tuned, share and support! Thank you to everyone who has supported so far!


Quick update!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update. The last batch of parts are almost here for the physical model. I plan on photographing it over Christmas break.

The instructions for the Link part of the model are complete. I still have to put together some instructions for the Hylian Shield, the stands, and the Master Sword, all of which should be easier than making the Link instructions.

I revised the model further to make sure it makes the best use of parts so that even if it doesn't pass review, someone can easily purchase the parts from Bricklink. The total piece count is just over 1000 pieces and in the US you should be able to order the parts off Bricklink for under $100. Now, if the model passes review the part count could be substantially reduced. I had to not only keep in mind which parts were available in which colors, but I also had to ensure that whatever parts I used were widely available and inexpensive whenever possible. This significantly raised the piece count, but those things won't be an issue if the set passes review and goes onto production. I imagine a piece count of around 800, if not less, is entirely possible. 

I've ordered an extra of the full set and I have an extra Master Sword. I intend to give these away at some place around the Lego community sometime early next year. 


Physical Model Coming Soon!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you all an update on where things are going. Currently I put in orders for the bricks to build a physical version of the model. I've put together instrucitons and I'm hoping to release the instructions and parts list for everyone so that even if this project is rejected, Legend of Zelda Lego as a whole can live on and people can order the bricks to build it for themselves.

Now I've got some good news and some bad news.

The pieces to finish up the model should have been here almost 3 weeks ago. I likely would have had pictures and everything by now. However, one of the packages was lost during shipping and I don't think it's going to be found (I submitted a search request a week ago). Because of this it may take another month just to get all the pieces. Don't worry though, it's still coming!

Onto the good news: I've been thinking about various ways to raise awareness for this project and I think to start I'm going to try and get my model displayed a few places. On top of that, I'm thinking of ordering a second batch of pieces to build the entire model and then donating them as prizes to a Lego contest on a Lego fansite. Now voting obviously won't be a requirement for enterint, that would be unethical and I imagine that's against Lego Ideas TOS. However, hosting a building contest with the models as a prize would be a great way to expose the model to more people and to draw in more traffic and attention. I'll post an update here when I get it organized.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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