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Pirate Treasure Chest


+5000 Votes!! Amazing!!

Hi All - thank you to the wonderful 5000+ people who have taken the time to support this project. I am truly blown away by the reception this has received.

And here it is! The real life build of the Pirate Treasure Chest (aka Neverland) is complete! Notably for IP reasons I wasn't able to include the Peter Pan theme as part of my LEGO Ideas Project, but you see the overall vision I was trying to capture. I think there's a ton of flexibility for everyone to theme/customize their own builds within the chest.

Shout out to Aaron Newman (@aaronbrickdesigner) for providing the minifig parts list. That was a huge help!

Let me know what other themes might work well inside the chest or any feedback/comments. Thank you again! Here's to 10K :)


+4000 Votes! Incredible!!

Absolutely blown away by the support and kind comments people have shown towards this project. As a new designer putting together my first project, I was excited to even receive 100 votes, let alone surpassing 4000. A sincere thank you to everyone!

One of my intensions for this project was to create a real life version of the set for myself, hence why I used parts that are available within the existing catalog (minus a couple of exceptions). All the pieces finally arrived the other day so the assembly process has begun. This is how the chest is taking shape - I couldn't be happier with how it has come together and looks.

A couple simple design tweaks to be made to provide a little more structural integrity to a couple of areas (primarily around the lid). But overall it came together great! I'll post again once I finish up with the interior layout. As always, please feel free to comment with any feedback or thoughts. Cheers!

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