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Pirate Treasure Chest


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This Treasure Chest has the ability to unclip on all four sides to reveal a fully self-contained Treasure Map. The design of the Treasure Chest itself takes inspiration from the classic LEGO treasure chest with a working latch at the front. The Treasure Map contains waterfalls, coves, skull island, trees, mountains, a pirate ship – and two locations where treasure and jewels can be found. All up this design has around 2,500 pieces.

My introduction to LEGO came when my father gave me the Sabre Island (6265) set, which he placed into a life size Treasure Chest (personally made) that had the ability like this design to fold down on all four sides to become a Treasure Island (i.e. LEGO playing surface). This design is my tribute to that original introduction.

Whether it is having the simple yet elegant design of the chest sitting on your shelf, or the “WOW” factor every time you reveal the treasure within, I believe this set has the potential to make a great addition to the LEGO Ideas catalog. 

Having taken up LEGO design relatively recently, I would absolutely love your support for this project and/or any tips and tricks you can suggest to make this design an even better final product. Thank you for your time and support! 

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