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Modular Gas Station


My next modular is coming.

The building is completed, only some letters for the post office plus some minifigs will complete this project so keep watching, keep supporting and following everyone !

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Only nine off a whole year on Ideas

My fingers are crossed that this project can secure the required 100 supporters in the aloted time given.

Please throw your support between this and my other projects if you want to see more creations coming forth from myself.

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Billboard now complete.

Now how does this look ?

I've also made some changes to the forecourt can anyone see what is different ? (look closely)

Please keep those supports and follows coming in thank you.

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How does this billboard look ?

Behind the white door is a toilet, you can see oil dispensers and a hoist - both very typical of the early 20th century gas stations/garages/workshops.

Now the 3-D billboard, what does everyone think good or bad ? (I haven't finshed the sign yet needs a large brand sticker)

Please keep those supports flowing in for this and my other modular project, thank you and Brick On everyone ! 


Quick update

A picture speaks a thousand words as the old saying goes, I will have more detail images in a few days of the forecourt extensions.

Note - I designed a whole new kind of hoist in Lego I think it's pretty realistic.

Please support and follow if you like this project and also my modular hardware store, the more supports for both means I'll be bringing more modular madness to Lego Ideas.


Eight is a great start.

So far the support count is at eight, please if you like it support and follow it. 

If my two modulars and want to see more of them, yes that's right I'm working on more modular designs for a display at Easter 2018 in my home town.

So yes please support if you want more modulars, thank you and by the way here is the link to my first of my new series of modulars.

Modular Hardware Store -

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