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Modular Hardware Store


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Lucky number three perhaps, well say hello to my latest creation.

A single storey farm hardware store with an exterior based on designs from the Edwardian era (early 20th century) or better know in Australia as the Federation era.

The colours of the walls, the curved windows the exterior trim on the front of the building all point towards that era.

There is a lot of brick and Technic built fixtures and merchandise in this set idea with two minifigs, the store manager and a customer visiting the big city from the country.

Brick built display counters feature various pieces of merchandise and behind the counter is a bookcase where catalogues, order books and account ledgers are housed.

All the tools on offer hang on wall racks, there are boxes of fencing materials and a barrel of heavy chain, plus under the counter galv wire coils for sale also.

The part count would be between 500 and 600 pieces, a cost price of around 100 dollars US.

I usually have a brand name for any of my designs, but this time none so please feel free to suggest a name for this particular company.

This design is only 16 stud wide so it can sit between the detective's office and assembly square modulars to keep the spacing between street light poles the same.

Please if you like this project, support and follow it. 

Thank you for taking the time reading and viewing the images, Brick On Support On everyone ! 

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