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Pixar's Monsters, Inc. - 20th Anniversary

Monsters, Inc. will always be remembered as a classic animated movie that tells the story of finding the balance between hard work and meaningful life.

What place did I choose to recreate? The factory charges the homes of all types of monsters with electricity in their world. Having been inspired by the way of storytelling of Pete Docter, I tried my best to recreate the movie in one set. It is common knowledge that kids are scared of monsters hiding in their closets or sneaking under the bed. However, the question is who wouldn't want to have a brave, loyal and caring friend like Sulley? He is the best and will do anything for you!

The fan model was built to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the feature film. What is more, the movie never gets old-fashioned since the themes of friendship, hard work, insecurities, and happiness have a contemporary feeling. I wanted to share my interpretation of the movie with all LEGO and Pixar fans worldwide. Over 40 printed parts bring the fan model to life. There are tons of Easter Eggs included such as Boo's drawing and trash cube, Little Mikey, a snow cone, and many more!

To conclude, I believe that there are plenty of LEGO fans who would display this type of model on their shelf. I hope that the set stays true to the movie and won't disappoint any die-hard fans.

What can I say? The camera loves me! - Mike Wazowski 

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