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Boeing 747-400 Playset


Interior Shots and Fleet Comparisson!

Hi Guys! Adding a couple of pics of the Interior of the playset! As you will see some of our passengers enjoy the comfort of the space in our wide Cabin! Even Cap. America Flies with his shield in front of his seat!!

Also added a Picture of feet Comparison of Lego Airlines... We have the smaller Regional Jet, plus our mid haul 767 and of course the Flag ship the B-747!! Please enjoy!

Thanks for your Support!!!


747-400 Video! Please check it out!

 Video showing the features of the 747! Please support!


High Resolution images

Added more pictures to show more detail on the cockpit and also on the Interior! As you can see the roof and cockpit are Modular type easy to remove in order to play with it! We have also included a pic of the Wings all made of Lego pieces and the Angle which is correct to the 747-400!! I hope we can get your support!!


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