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10,000 Supporters (Photo)

The Stargate has ascended.

We did it! And in only 100 days!

Thank you to all my project’s supporters - all 10,000 of you!! - and to all our crossover visitors who came back to celebrate this momentous occasion! (Can you spot all the Easter eggs?)


9,888 Supporters (Photo)

So many milestones, so many visitors, but where was I? Busy marketing this project of course! But I took a quick break to step through the Gate myself (with my trusty companion SIMIAN), to congratulate my SG-1 team for a job well done.

We only need 112 more supporters to achieve this leg of the journey, and get to the review stage! Not long now :D


9,777 Supporters (Photo)

These MGM blockbusters may be decades apart, but don’t they look great together?

Sadly, Dorothy and the gang didn’t stay long: they had a wizard to meet - all they had to do was follow the yellow watery vortex…

We’re just 223 supporters away from our goal!


9,666 Supporters (Photo)

The Stargate franchise featured a number of non-human alien species. One of these were the aquatic Ohnes, who I thought looks similar to Ninjago's Prince Kalmaar.

I hope you'll enjoy this little Ninjago / Stargate crossover, as the cousins of the Ohnes decided to make their way through the gate to wish our SG-1 team the best of luck as they see the finishing line get ever closer…

We only need to find 334 more supporters!


9,500 Supporters (Photo)

One great franchise LEGO Ideas was responsible for bringing into the world of plastic bricks, was Doctor Who. Have you ever wondered how The SGC would handle a visit by the good Doctor(s) and their most famous foe?

Well, wonder no longer, and enjoy this latest crossover!

Don't worry, I'm sure as soon as they've successfully reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, the Doctors and Daleks will be whisked away back to their own dimension...

We only need 500 more supporters, chaps and chapettes!


9,333 Supporters (photo)

The last in-house sci-fi theme LEGO created was the impressive and highly imaginative Galaxy Squad. I thought it would only be fitting for some characters to come and visit - one sci-fi franchise to another :)

Only 667 more to go! We are so close!


9,000 Supporter Update

I have a confession to make: there’s a design flaw in my concept. What’s worse is, I’ve known about it from the start.

You see, the tip of the Jaffa staff weapon isn’t a snug fit and can easily drop off. Which is totally unacceptable.

I couldn’t leave it like this, so I finally decided to face my fears, and remedy the situation.

In order to make the brick built staff weapon as sturdy as can be, I had to go back to the drawing board, and make use of a relatively new part, one created for the Monkie Kid theme: a slightly longer and simplified lightsaber hilt (part number 66909).

It looks almost the same from a distance as the original flawed staff, but the tip now won’t drop off on its own, and it also has the added advantage of been a little shorter, making it more accurate scale-wise when held by a minifig.

Having fixed this problem that had been haunting me for months, let’s rally the troops, and make our way through the last 1,000 supporters. We’re on the final stretch, people. We can do this! :D


8,888 Supporters (photo)

The SGC isn’t the only secret organisation to be located underground… and it’s obvious they must have a connection to the local sewers right? Well then, this crossover was only a matter of time… :D

Once they find the pizzas, I’m sure Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo will be on their way. After all, I’m sure Splinter must be getting worried.

We’re so close to 9,000 supporters, folks!


8,500 Supporters (photo)

Maybe Daniel didn’t see the Omeyocan when he stared into the crystal skull’s eyes because this is actually the one Dr Henry Jones Jr uncovered?…

We’ll make sure this priceless artifact is placed in a museum, where it belongs, and won’t be part of this proposal. Onwards to 10,000 ! :D


8,000 Supporter Update

I’d like to thank each and every one of my supporters for having helped me get so far in such a short amount of time (84 days).

Thank you. So much! :)

What have I got for you this time? Just a little something. I started this project thanks to a snake head piece from Ninjago which I though could make a great Jaffa. The Anubis head piece from the old Adventurers theme was just too cool not to also include as well.

But to be fair, neither of them look like proper representations of these imposing warriors. In fact, there isn’t a part in LEGO’s current inventory that does. But one comes somewhat close: part number 6353601 which only appears in the recent Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets set.

Perform a little colour correction, and you end up with something that looks quite good, don’t you think? (failing the creation of a new mould of course)

I also cannibalised the body from a different franchise… can you tell which one? :)

Let me know what you think in the comments, and I’ll see you for the final update once we reach 9,000 :D

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