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Brick Town Police Station


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Brick Town Police Station is a corner modular building and depicts a classic American style police station with a doughnut store next door. The set also includes a police car, 6 minifigures and lots of other features and accessories.

The model is designed to be compatible with existing LEGO modular buildings and is constructed on a 32 x 32 base plate from 2826 pieces.


Level 1 - Police Station and Doughnut Store

The ground level features a corner street scene with lots of details icluding a tree, street lamp and bench. This level features the doughnut shop and the main entrance to the police station reception. There is also a garage with a barrier that can be lifted to allow the police car to drive through to the back of the building.


Level 2 - Chief's Office and Interrogation Room

On level 2 I've included the Police Chief's office featuring his desk and a tiny brick built typewriter. This level also includes the staff room with a water cooler and equipment storage. There is also an interview/interrogation room on this level.


Level 3 - Holding Cells

The third level includes two prison holding cells. The minifigures can also access the roof of the building via a door on this level.


Police Car and Minifigures

I've included a police car with the set. The car is 6 studs wide but can hold 2 minigures side by side.

The set features 6 minifigures including four police officers, a criminal and the doughnut store worker. A police dog is also included.

Thank you very much for cheking out "Brick Town Police Station" and I hope you like the set enough to give it your support. Please feel free to share on social media and with anyone else you think might be interested.

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