Product Idea

Boeing 737-300 WL

The design of my LEGO creation is based on the real airliner -  Boeing 737-300 series aircraft, the most successful airliner type of The Boeing Commercial Aircraft company produced so far.

This is a generic 737-300 version, the middle-length hauler from the whole 737 Classic family. It features retrofit winglets. This aerodynamic enhancement particularly saves fuel, improves the plane stability and generally increases residual value of the plane.

Main features of the model:

  • 8 studs wide fuselage
  • accurate scale model featuring appropriate wingspan and fuselage length / width and lots of tiny details..just count the windows and compare it to the real plane pics :-)
  • front and aft functional doors
  • wingtip vortex management system - blended winglets by Aviation Partners Boeing Company
  • oval CFM 56 turbofans with detailed air inlet and nozzles
  • fully retractable nose and main landing gear, very stable and durable
  • working fowler flaps and leading edge slats
  • openable fuel stack panel in the wing
  • UHF/VHF antennas
  • working exterior / interior lighting - an original LEGO battery box was used (hidden in the fuselage, easily accessible through the front door). This very special feature includes red and green nav lights, 3x white tail light, landing lights and an both anticollision beacons as well as the interior section which glows faintly in the dark.