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High School - Modular


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LEGO High School - Modular Design

It is about time to add a High School to the LEGO Modular buildings. This 2-story high school was inspired by 1920s-1930s architecture for school buildings. The high school is modeled after a 1930 high school in the first school district where I taught biology. The school building is built wider than tall, typical of most schools.

The footprint of the school building takes up 48x32 studs, the same as Assembly Square. With the park and tables area, the whole modular takes up 64x32 studs. There is also an additional option for two sidewalks wrapping the building that allow for the high school to be placed at the end of a city block (see pictures with Pet Shop and Townhouse modulars).

This Ideas post is a resubmission of mine that was able to get to 4,655 supporters last time. I took comments into consideration and have done some exterior and interior redesigns.


  • 4 classrooms
  • Library
  • Principal's office
  • Restroom
  • 4 sets of lockers
  • Outside courtyard with 2 picnic tables
  • 2 bicycle racks
  • Other elements: Minifigures, bicycles and minifigure accessories like backpacks.


  • About 2600 pieces (a little less than the Town Hall set)
  • 3 possible configurations
    • 1. school by itself
    • 2. school with park as a corner building
    • 3. school with wrap around sidewalks for placement at end of city block
  • Total Baseplate coverage
    • 1. 48x32 for school building itself, same size as Assembly Square
    • 2. 64x32, the space of 2 traditional modulars, for configurations 2 and 3.
  • 3 entrances - Main double doors, 2 symmetrical rear entrances on the first floor.

2 Base Plate Configurations

  1. Corner Building - The 1st configuration is seen in the main picture with a corner courtyard. This includes one 16x32 baseplate to create the courtyard, which includes 2 picnic tables and 2 bicycle racks that can hold up to 4 bicycles. Bicycles are stabilized by a sloped tile piece that fits under the kickstand of the bicycle. A brick built tree finishes off this corner piece.
  2. End-of-a-Block - The 2nd configuration is shown as a End-of-a-Block set up with two other modular buildings locking in place behind the school. This includes two 8x32 baseplates to create the wrap around sidewalks. Also, includes a striped school bus loading zone on one of the wrap around sidewalks.

1st Floor

  • Entrance Foyer - Double door entrance, school color rug, trophy case and 2 wall sconces.
  • Language Arts Classroom - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, a writing desk, chalkboard, clock, and hanging LEGO Shakespeare quote.
  • History Classroom - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, hanging Gettysburg Address tile, historical shield, chalkboard, clock and historical helmet decoration.
  • Library - Contains a card catalog, 2 bookcases full of books, 1 table with 4 chairs, librarian's desk with chair, globe, and storage closet located under stairwell. 2 large windows on the first floor and 4 large windows on the second floor allow for plenty of natural light into the library. This is a great place for Saturday dentention (see pictures).
  • Hallway - U-shaped hallway with 2 sets of lockers leading to 2 rear doors, school bell, and staircase.

2nd Floor

  • Science Classroom/Lab - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, lab table with frog dissections, 1 microscope station, chemical vent hood, astronomy poster, clock, fire extinguisher, wall controls for lab, chalkboard, and anatomy skeleton model.
  • Mathematics Classroom - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, chalkboard, clock and whiteboard.
  • Principal's Office - Contains desk with chair, floor lamp, diploma, phone, clock and chair for guest.
  • Restroom - Contains privacy door, overhead light, toilet and sink.
  • Hallway - Contains an overlooking balcony into the library, 2 sets of lockers, water fountain, and chair outside the principal's office.


  • Contains a brick built skylight that slides into place on rails and two micro figure statues. (No roof access for safety reasons.) The skylight overlooks the library.


  • Contain drains, lamp post, 1 school flagpole (with interchangable pennant), 2 bicycle racks (corner configuration), brick built tree (corner configuration) and decorative corner tile designs.

Customizable for School Colors

  • The high school is customizable for your school colors.
  • To customize school exterior, switch out 4 exterior doors and 1 pennant flag.
    • Door colors included (currently available) - Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, White and Black.
    • Matching pennant flags would be included for each door color.
  • To customize school interior, switch out 8 tiles for entrance rug.
    • Same tile colors provided to match exterior door colors.
  • Mix and Match - Mix and match colors to meet your school color needs!


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