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LEGO University Modular


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It is time to enroll at LEGO University.  This modular is built on the footprint of 64 studs wide and 32 studs deep, which takes up the same amount of room as two traditional modular buildings.  However, piece count has been limited with the unique modular design applied to this creation.  LEGO University features three sections that all clip together with technic pins.  The three sections include two mirrored builds (two 16x32 baseplates) on either end of the building and a central build (32x32 baseplate).

The Design of LEGO University has a central build (32x32 baseplate) that houses the staircases to the 2nd and 3rd floors, tile built university seal in the rotunda and seating for all floors.  The side builds feature 2 lecture halls, 2 laboratories, 3 offices, bathroom, library and a student center.  This process has been in design for 2 years and it took over 1 year to just find all the pieces through vendors.  

The Story 

The design is modeled after the Academic Building at Texas A&M University.  As an alumnus (class of 2008), current doctoral student and instructor on campus, I have walked by this building 1000s of times.  I started to view the Academic Building in LEGO form after starting to build my own modular creations.  It seemed like a very traditional university building (dome structure building) that could be a great addition to any LEGO city.  To keep the piece count moderate and size complementary to current LEGO modular buildings, the 2nd and 3rd floors of the actual Academic Building were morphed into one all-inclusive floor in my LEGO University design.

The Exterior features two crepe myrtle trees, flowers and shrubs on the front of the building.  Stair cases through the 3 front arch openings and two ramps through arched side openings lead up to the main entrance of the building.  The arches feature 4 front facing columns with dimensional brick detail and 4 sconces with 8 lights on the exterior of the entrance.  The two ramps include sand green and light gray tile designs with railing details.

The first two floors of LEGO University have tile accents that add dimension to the exterior of the build.  The 2nd floor has 4 columns above the entrance and recessed stone columns (dark tan) on either end of the building. 

First Floor

  • Library (left side) – 2 stacks of books, class ring display, statue bust, 2 study desks, card catalog and floor lamp.
  • Rotunda (center) – double front doors, 2 rear doors, brick built school seal, 2 staircases, 2 benches, 4 columns and bell hanging in the rotunda.
  • Student Center (right side) – 4 seats, 2 tables, school statue, soda fountain, radio, coffee/tea maker and snack bar.  Snack bar serves sandwiches, various pastries, coffee, tea and soda.
  • Student center and library have side entrances into the building.

Second Floor

  • 2 Lecture Halls (left/right sides) – 15 seats arranged in 3 rows of ascending rows (seats are offset), podium, chalkboard and clock (found on wall of center build), tile decorations on the walls and nine windows in each hall.
  • Rotunda (center) – 2 stair cases, circular railing overlooking school seal, and benches.

3rd Floor

  • Laboratories (left side) – The science lab includes skeleton, lab tables, fire extinguisher, microscope, incubator, refrigerator and multiple storage drawers.  The engineering/architecture lab includes drafting table, desk, and chalkboard for planning designs.
  • Rotunda (center) – landings for 2 stair cases, roof access from recessed ladder, circular railing overlooking school seal, benches and doors for entrances into restroom, labs, and offices.
  • Offices and restroom (right side) – professor’s office, advising office, restroom and dean’s office.


  • The roof includes a copper dome, roof access and two air conditioning units (doubling as clip housing for technic pins).

Please check out my other projects (more coming in the future) and be sure to check back for updates.

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