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High School - Modular


School Bus

Problem: The students need to get to school.

Soultion: School bus!

The school bus features a driver's seat and 11 seats for students with a total of room for 12 minifigures in a LEGO City appropriate sized school bus.  The tires are the more rugged tires to give the bus a more realistic appearance.  

Features include: Stop sign for oncoming traffic that features a hinge, a driver's chair, coffee mug, removable roof for easy placement of minifigures, transparent studs to represent school bus lights and hanging rearview mirrors.  

As with all my creations, they are built and not renderings.  This requires the use of current and existing LEGO bricks and pieces.  A potential recommendation if this project reaches 10,000 votes would be to have yellow-orange colored bricks instead of the traditional yellow.

This submission to LEGO Ideas was inspired to be paired with my Modular High School. 

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