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John's Medieval Watermill


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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a man called John. He lived in the Shire and he owned a watermill, which was passed on to him by his parents. John came from an old bloodline of millers.

Early in the morning, just at sunrise, John would wake up, take his big bronze key and go downstairs and unlock the mill. Oh, of course I forgot to mention that he lived on the first floor, just above the watermill mechanism. He had two loyal apprentices, little Tim and his older brother Will. Tim and Will were John's sister’s children and he took care of them as if they were his own! They both slept in a bunk bed in the attic, up to which they climbed on a ladder from the millers living quarters

It was early spring when John got a message, that his son Hugh was coming by boat to see him and get some supplies up north. They had not met since late November and John was looking forward to it with great anticipation! Unfortunately, there was heavy snow in the North-Shire and Hugh was unable to travel down the river earlier. May the almighty Water Dragon, guardian of all professions related to water, protect him on his journey home!

It was a busy day as usual when two Lion crusaders showed up by the watermills doorstep.
They were preparing for a long crusade and as Napoleon had said: "An army marches on its stomach".
Therefore they urgently needed a lot of supplies. Tim and Will rushed to load the cart. The knights were fierce and were yelling "come on move it, we haven't got all day!"

Meanwhile Hugh arrived and Tim run to welcome his cousin! When all the loading was over and done and the crusaders had left, John and Hugh had some time to catch up on their news.

The evening came and John went to lock the mill. His cat Agnes was waiting for him upstairs by the porch. They went inside and he started preparing the last meal of the day. Sausage in the fireplace. Oh yam!
Just before going to bed he would read a bit of his favorite book; Beowulf.

Τhe three cousins were still out exchanging stories and chasing fireflies... whilst something spooky was going on in the attic! A bandit had entered and stole some goods. Little did they all know he had disappeared in the midst of the night...

I wrote this small story in order to introduce to you my New LEGO Idea. It is a medieval watermill inspired and put together after a lot of careful planning and research. It consists of a ground floor, a first floor and the attic. There are a lot of "Easter eggs" and contraptions which I will let you explore through the images and video.

John's Medieval Watermill was inspired by Tabletop World miniature watermills

Hope you like it and support it!

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