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NYC Subway Station


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As a life long New Yorker the city and its infrstructure has always been an interest of mine. The subway is the circulatory system of the city and plays a part in ever new yorkers life. The NYC Subway system is one of the worlds oldest, and most used public transit systems. It also has more stations than any other metro system, it is those stations this project seeks to replicate. The system currently has 472 stations and while each station is unique this set is based on some of the design elements used in the newly renovated stations such as the 72nd Street B/C station. 


I designed this set to resemble some of the newly renovated stations as a way to combine my passions for the NYC transit system and Lego. The set is 294 parts and created entirely in Lego Studio 2.0. I would like to alter some parts with custom printed peices such as the ad screen and the station label on the wall and a set label piece on one of the border tiles. If you have any feedback please feel free to comment and please consider supporting and sharing this. 


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