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Olympic Rings Mini-figure Stand


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Recreate the iconic Olympic rings ready for the 2016 Brazil Olympics. This set can be both a simple display piece or can double as a mini-figure stand (as seen with the 2012 Olympic mini-figures in the other picture). It has space to put at least 11 figures on one on the base, one in the yellow ring, one in the green ring, one in the blue ring, one in the black ring, one in the red ring, one between the blue and black rings, one between the black and red rings, one on top of the blue ring, one on top of the black ring and one on top of the red ring.

This set contains roughly 122 bricks. the break down is as follows:

  • the yellow ring contains about 25 bricks
  • the green ring contains 22
  • the red ring has 24 bricks
  • the black ring has 24
  • the blue ring has 25 bricks
  • and 2 base plates

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