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Voltron - Legendary Defender (Bust)


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Voltron - Legendary Defender is an upcoming animated television series produced by DreamWorks and World Events Productions. It will premiere through Netflix on June 10, 2016.

The Set

Inspired by the new series, I designed this minifig scale Voltron (Bust) complete with its pilot Shiro. You can choose to build Voltron or the Black Lion's head by using a different jaw assembly. The jaw in lion mode is articulated and when fully open, simulates the flight deck entrance similar to what is seen from the initial trailers of the new Netflix series.

A cockpit is incorporated into the design and is accessible through a hatch on top of the head. It is also possible to take off the whole top assembly for a better view and access of the cockpit. This provides some playability as the minifig can interact with Voltron/Black Lion. So instead of a modular building, you have a modular Voltron/Black Lion head.



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