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Polar Express Cars for the Berkshire Kit

The Polar Express is a much-loved 2004 Christmas animation. The locomotive in the train is the Père Marquette 1225 American steam locomotive, for which I also made the train coaches. Each of the 5 based on different scenes in the film. The first wagon is full of toys, including a small Polar Express locomotive running under the main character’s Christmas tree at the end of the film and a marionet.

The second car is a passenger car that appears several times during the trip, where the little boy first goes. In this car, you will find the conductor and the little boy in the yellow t-shirt. The third car shows the cocoa scene with the white tables and mugs. This is where the main character and the little girl took their seats. Next to the main character is a ticket labelled "Believe." The fourth car belongs to the waiters. I also placed 2 cocoa planes here, which is also featured in the film. The last car shows the lonely little boy, and the ledge was placed at the end of the car. The cars also have 4-4 external opening doors and 2-2 internal ones.

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