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Bus Man Lion's City - Minifigure Scale

Hello LEGO lovers! 

Representing to you my creation, a model of the city bus MAN Lion's City (model NL263 A21) in the blue color of my home city, Zagreb, public carrier ZET (Zagrebian electric tram) in minifigure scale. 
These kinds of buses have been in use for the last 15+ years. They can be found all over European cities and in some Asian cities, in different colors, and now there's a face-lifted version in production. I don't mind if the final version would be in some other color.

When I start building this model in LDD (ended it in I took the widest existing LEGO road vehicle set models as reference models for how wide my bus should be. Those models are trailers of trucks in sets 8654, 75913, 10244 and truck's cargo box of 8185. They are 10 bricks wide, so my bus would be 10 bricks wide. (To quote Jang on reviewing set 75913: "This is larger scale for minifigures done right, I feel").
Because of minifigures' anatomy (too wide) there cannot be two rows of seats.

This creation is more realistic than LEGO buses and would be great for play or display! So do support it!

Thank you for watching. Hope you like it. Please support it so it can become a set!
Thank you.

Thank you for your support! Be sure to tell your friends to support too.

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