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Minifigure Display Case

Hello LEGO lovers!

I'm representing to you a simple and easy to build Minifigure Display Case for 10 minifigures.

Minifigures are very big part of LEGO bricks and more or less all of us have love for them, have favorite minifigure(s) or have collection of them. I'm sure you have minifigures that you want to display, that they can be shown but protected from dust and fingerprints (touching). It can with this case!

In this display case minifigures can be positioned on two positions by rotating the middle plate. First closer to front glass - that would be for minifigures without any accessories. Second is closer to back doors - that would be for minifigures with accessories that are mostly in front of minifigures. Having more than one of this set you can easily stack them on top or bottom of the case.
Last pictures are shown with minifigures and accessories - not included! : )
(In this case easily can fit Minidolls too).

Thank you for watching. Hope you like it. Please support and share it, so it can become set! 
Thank you.

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