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The Original Mini Cooper

Hello Lego lovers!

Representing to you my creation, model of the original Mini Cooper in Speed Champions style. 

Mini is the legend! Designed to be simple and functional car, easy to transport 4 adult person and some luggage. Produced in just over 5.3 million cars (from 1959 to 2000). The classic Mini is instantly recognizable thanks to its revolutionary design. It had big impact on pop culture all around the world, immortalized in films, books, video games... Undoubtedly is one of the most lovable cars ever built. Car that have a lot of charm and youth spirit. Loved by many, attracts attention wherever it goes, gives a smile to kind-hearted bystanders. Mini is loads of fun and joy on wheels. One of the greatest cars ever build. Mini is proof that great things do come in small packages!
"It's the little things in life that matter the most."

"Little thing" - this Lego Mini Cooper! In the spirit of Lego Speed Champions 2021 sets, that are 8 bricks wide and have driver and co-driver space, I made this little nugget! It is 6 bricks wide with space for driver and co-driver and one more minifig can easily fit in the back.
I made driver Bob Ross look-a-like. I think he would like it and would say "Let's build a happy little car" :D 

By the look of my model, big fenders in color and rear lights, this is last incarnation of classic Mini, mark VII, known as Rover Mini Cooper. 

This brick creation would look great in your Lego City, and would be great for play or display! So do support it!

Thank you for watching. Hope you like it. Please support and share it so it can become a set!
Thank you.

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