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Stardiver Exploration Starship


The Stardiver is two spaceships in one, the first used to enter a planet's atmosphere or oceans for close analysis, the second containing the star drive to jump the ship from system to system. The ship takes its name from its ability to jump into a system and skim the surface of a local sun to refuel itself using its nose mounted Bussard ramjet, commonly referred to as a fuel scoop.

The Star exploration ship is crewed by a Synthoid, as its mission is typically more perilous than that of the Diver star drive section.  The Diver is crewed by a human, who oversees the Star's scientific mission and plots the Stardiver's course between solar systems.  If the Star identifies suitable conditions on a planetary body, the Diver section may also make a planetary landing or splash down using its lifting wing as both a heat shield and a means of gliding to a landing zone.  The wing can then be discarded if need be.

In case of emergency a Stardiver may execute a blind jump using its star drive.  It is believed that Stardiver 1 may have initiated such a jump for unknown reasons or otherwise mis-jumped, and every Stardiver scans for its missing sister ship on entering a system for the first time.


Why do I want you to hit the blue Support button?  This is a re-imagining of an old design which it occurred to me could be given a new purpose in life.  A lot of the shows I grew up on like Buck Rogers, Fireball XL5, Ulysses 31 and others had the heroes exploring space and planets and of course modern shows and games do exactly the same.  My Synthoid design is right out of my childhood - I'm not quite sure where I got that particular idea from back in the day but it's stuck with me and I hope you like it!

The Set

At under 700 pieces and with no licence required this should be a reasonably priced set, although the lifting wing for Diver could make the box a little large as I've designed it! As described above, it's effectively two ships in one, with each ship having its own minifigure in charge. This should allow for more play options and possibly some arguments over who gets to play with which ship!  Just remember to dock them back together before you jump to the next system, they need each other so team work is important!

Feedback and sharing would be very welcome, here or via social media.  Please also consider supporting some of my Gerry Anderson inspired projects listed below - who knows, you might bump into a wandering Moon and the odd Eagle out there!  Thank you!

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