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Titan's Terror Fish From Gerry Anderson's Stingray


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Look above you.  Five thousand fathoms of water.  You see Terrainian?  There is no escape!

King Titan continues to hatch his cunning plans to defeat the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) and in particular his arch nemesis, Captain Troy Tempest. Ruling his Aquaphibian people in Titanica, he recognised that WASP had started producing a smaller version of the original Stingray (see my Stingray Idea) and realised that he could shrink his Terror Fish to match, helping him to build his fleet faster.  This also means that WASP now have to be more careful than ever - is that sonar ping really a fish, or is it a Terror Fish?!


Why do I want you to hit the blue Support button?  This is a set aimed at two generations.  I grew up on repeats of Stingray and other Gerry Anderson shows when they were still quite young - Stingray was the first show shot entirely in colour for British television, so I'm showing my age a touch!  As it paved the way for Thunderbirds in the 1960s, so the modern CGI Thunderbirds Are Go series referenced Stingray being chased out of the water by a Terror Fish in its very first episode!  This is the lasting appeal of Stingray, some 50 plus years on from when it first aired.  So why not now finally release a set based on a timeless Gerry Anderson classic for both generations to enjoy?

Also, when my Stingray Idea started receiving comments I was asked about the Terror Fish - if neither Idea makes it I might combine the two, if both do, maybe LEGO will do it anyway!

The Set

I'm working through the current crisis (hopefully not Titan or X-2-Zero up to no good on this occasion) but as my Stingray model has proved popular and I had a request for this, I decided to take up the challenge!  You can get the illustrated minifigure into the cockpit either standing (as they were in the show) or sitting.  The roof is removable, and the eyes flip open on both sides to give access as well - it's a little cosy!  The set features:

  • A brick rather than plate based design to try and capture the shape of the original Terror Fish
  • Concealed torpedoes in the jaw of the fish!
  • An Aquaphibian minifigure
  • Opening "eye" hatches
  • A fusion reactor in the tail (for power and oxygen production) 
This set contains just over 200 parts, but hopefully brings back memories and can help you make new ones if like my own son you're a member of the Thunderbirds Are Go generation!  Alternatively, just pretend it's a prehistoric fish!

Feedback and sharing would be very welcome, here or via social media, and if you like this then please vote for this and my Stingray Idea at the same time to get them both back in action!  Let's try and get a Gerry Anderson LEGO set out there for the first time!  You can also support:

Uh oh! The chase is on!

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