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The Lego Christmas Story House


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The Lego Christmas Story House is the perfect marriage of a decorative conversation piece, holiday collector's item, and modular Lego play set. It will appeal to Lego fans, movie fans, and holiday fans alike. You can take it out each year with your Christmas village or display it year round. As a modular set, it is a fully functional toy for children from 1 to 92... Okay, there are some small pieces in there, so let's say... 4 to 92.

Note that this set also includes a brick that will light up the leg lamp! Turn it on, and it will glow side by side with your other Christmas village pieces.


Along with the house itself, the set includes the complete Parker minifigure family with one bonus Randy, two bonus Ralphies, and the Bumpus Hounds!

  • The Old Man Parker (complete with smile and surprised faces)
  • Mother Parker (complete with smile and worried faces)
  • Randy
  • Ralphie
  • BONUS: "Can't Put My Arms Down" Randy
  • BONUS: "Cowboy" Ralphie
  • BONUS: "Pink Nightmare" Ralphie
  • BONUS: "Bumpus Hounds" (Dada duh dut duhda)


The Lego Christmas Story House also features many other subtle details in each room including these highlights:

  • Front Room
    • The Leg Lamp (it actually lights up!)
    • Christmas Tree
    • Desk (for hiding the present)
    • The radio
    • The Little Orphan Annie decoder pin (a crummy commercial?)
    • Dual sofas
    • Fireplace with stocking and wreaths
  • Kitchen
    • Cellar door (to the furnace)
    • Damper control (for the furnace)
    • Door under the sink
    • Turkey on the table (turkey legs can be removed)
  • Ralphie and Randy's Room
    • Dual beds
    • Desk to write the Christmas Theme (C+?)
  • Parents' Room
    • Dual beds
    • Red Ryder sales pitch
  • Bathroom and Hallway
    • Lifebuoy soap next to the sink
    • Toilet (where a boy, age 9, can sit and decode)
    • Hamper
    • Hallway phone
    • Switch for the leg lamp light - see pictures for how it works
  • Outside
    • The "Fragile" (Fra-jee-lay) crate and hand truck
    • Sled on the porch
    • Snow on the roof and on the ground


Watch the movie again and see if you can find all of the Christmas presents included in this set:

  • Red Ryder BB gun (too easy)
  • Blue Ball (Thanks a lot)
  • Zeppelin (Wow! Whoopie!)
  • A can of Simonize
  • Aunt Clara's gift
  • Toy Truck
  • Fly Swatter
  • Socks
  • Baseball Bat
  • Frankenstein Mask (ever noticed that one?)


The actual house used in the movie, A Christmas Story, is located in Cleveland, Ohio and is currently run as a museum (worth a visit). However, most of the indoor scenes were shot in a studio, so this set combines the layout of the "real" house with the footage from the movie, within the scale of the Lego world.

Please review all of the photos, and give the project a "thumbs up". When you ultimately get the set as a holiday gift for you favorite Lego and/or Christmas Story fan, you can truly say that you had a hand in making the Lego Christmas Story House possible. Thank you for your support.

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