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Winter Gateway


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Welcome to the Winter Gateway! Included are:

- 3 minifigures
- 1 horse
- 1 castle

     With a little over 2,500 parts, the gateway provides a pleasant building experience. If you have nostalgia from the old castle themes, just really like castles, or want to get your hands on some useful bricks, then the gateway is perfect for you! 

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     I have built many medieval-themed mocs, but I wanted to try out some new techniques. That is why everything is covered in snow, forming a frigid landscape. I also wanted to try out some brick-built doors, and I think they turned out quite well! I wanted to make it look like snow had spilled out of the moc. After it was almost finished, I had a boring gray tower. I added some flags to add some color to the mix.

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     I made this model in Studio and also rendered the images in Studio. If you like the model, please click the support button and leave any constructive criticism in the comments! Thank you! :D

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