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Knight's Cottage


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     Welcome to the Knight's cottage! Over the years, the knight built up a small fortune of wealth from the king, who paid him well for his loyal services. The knight decided to settle down in a large cottage, to pursue his other interests.

The knight's home has 3 floors:

Floor #1- This is where he keeps food and tools. Kind of like a modern day garage or basement!
Floor #2- This is where the knight sleeps. There is also his study, where he writes letters and reads books using his above-average medieval education.
Floor #3- Due to the part limit, I couldn't fit anything up here, but you can still pull back the roof to play inside! Maybe I could add something in an update???

There is quite a small landscape outside the house. It includes-
-Small plants
-Apple tree
-Tree stump

I wanted to focus on the building for this model. If you want to see a build that has a better landscape, then make sure to check out my Fantasy Dragon! The link is at the bottom of the description.

     The model contains 2997 parts, so I wasn't able to include as much detail as I would have liked to. However, I am still very happy with the result! It was built and rendered with Studio, and the main image was edited with Pixlr. If you like this model, then make sure to support it and comment some possible improvements!

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Thank you!!! :-D

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