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Fantasy Dragon


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     Once upon a time, a young squire was stationed in a lonely tower. His one and only job was to protect that part of the kingdom. After he had proved himself by keeping the land safe, he would be promoted to a knight! It would be his dream come true! The young squire was filled with confidence, sure he would do fine. Things clearly didn't go to plan...

    This is a build that I have been working on for the past week or two (as of the time of me writing this description). I have always wanted to create something like this! This moc (My Own Creation) has exactly 2,903 bricks, and over 30 different colors. My favorite parts are the apple tree, and the cliff! 

This build needs 10,000 supporters to be considered for a set, so if you like this model, then please support and show your friends and family! If you have feedback or constructive criticism, then leave it in a comment. Thank you!!!   ;-)

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