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Attack On The Village


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     Welcome to the village! The village has all the medieval luxuries you could ever need, such as:
-Running Water
-Protective castle
     Unfortunately, the town is under attack by a deadly dragon. Several brave minifigs are up to the challenge! Will they win?
     This is a large moc that I have made in my free time recently. I have always wanted a Lego medieval set. Please share this with your friends and family so we can make this a reality. 
     This build has around 2700 pieces and took me about over 7 hours to make, as I have never built a dragon before. It has 5 minifigs and (obviously) a dragon, as well as a horse. 

Please share this! Also give constructive criticism and feedback in the comments. I will probably add more pictures in an update if enough people ask. If you like this idea, then support, and maybe look at some of my other builds! :D

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