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Destination Moon!


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Ever since humankind first gazed up into the heavens, we have longed to slip the surly bonds of Earth  and explore what lies beyond the night sky. On July 20th,1969, the first giant leap towards that dream was made with the launch of  Apollo 11, the spacecraft that helped humanity step foot on the Moon. For the next three-and-a-half years, NASA would continue sending Apollo missions to Earth’s nearest neighbor, igniting imaginations across the world and inspiring an entire generation to pursue the advancement of science and technology. Now, for the first time in LEGO history, you can relive that fateful period of history with your very own Microscale Saturn-V Rocket Complete Launch Assembly!

From one of the designers who brought you the smash-hit Apollo 11 Saturn-V LEGO Ideas project comes a brand new micro-sized model of that same famous rocket, this time accompanied by the iconic mobile launch tower and crawler-transporter. This roughly 1:600 scale replica packs countless details into its easy-to-assemble 386 pieces. Some of these features include:

  • 3-component design optimal for both display and playtime
  • many movable parts, including synchronized posable crawler treads, articulating tower contact points, and adjustable service crane
  • thoughtful construction that includes many reinforcements for sturdiness and playability, such as a hidden rigid hose to strengthen the rocket structure
  • highly accurate full-color decals to complete the authenticity of the design
  • detailed eBooklet about the creation of this LEGO model, the history and engineering behind the crawler and mobile launch tower, and all of the Apollo program launches and missions


Space exploration has always inspired wonder and passion to learn more about science and our place in the cosmos. By sharing this accessible and affordable design with the world, LEGO will be bringing this incredibly historic moment into the hands of more children and adults than ever before. Please support this project and help us achieve this goal!

Click here for more information about the Apollo program and be sure to keep an eye on the “Updates” section for design refinements and booklet previews. See you on the moon, Houston!


For high-resolution images of this design, check out this Flickr album.


Thank you to for helping to provide the parts for our demo model.

Other contributions from NASAThe Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium, Felix Stiessen & Craig Dillon.


This project is a collaboration between whatsuptoday and 10000ukuleles.

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