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LEGO Locomotive 2017


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For a long time (for me of course) LEGO did not released an official train set and I wanted some new and fresh addition to my collection, so I decided to created a brand new set and started with the locomotive. I wanted it to be different from all the old LEGO locomotives, but my search in Internet turned out that manufacturers of locomotive use similar designs which were covered by LEGO in their former train sets, so I choose the form of a switcher locomotive - a little bit different in type and in vision from the last two sets (LEGO Cargo Train 60052 and LEGO Heavy-Haul Train 60098). Following the trends I choose the yellow-black colours with some dark bluish grey parts and white strips. Of course to have a contrast to the yellow, I use dark transparent windows and since I could not find and buy yellow train doors for the left and right side of the hood, I decided to close it up and fence it with windows. Since the modern technology of LEGO trains is RC (radio control), I needed to hide somewhere the battery box and the IR (infra red) receiver, so it was quite a struggle for me to fulfil this and to conceal all this parts well. Finally I think that I have managed quite well and the result is a very good locomotive, but you have to see it for yourself to decide if this is so.

Also watch the video for some more details about the LEGO locomotive:


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