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Lego 90-Degree CrossTrack


Improving the Design (Tweaks)

Due to a suggestion by bastian2817 that suggested to replace the four 1x1 square tiles with 1x1 round tiles. Because I hadn't tried this and I didn't know if it would change anything, I had to try it out. The result was that it made the cross track actually about 2 decibels quieter (Not a lot). It also for some trains made the ride smoother allowing the curve of the tile to realign the wheels slightly before moving off the piece. So I thank bastian2817 for the suggestion and would love more suggestions or experiments you have that might work I could try!

Here is a list of tested models:

60052, 10194, 7722, 10219 and a 1966 train motor. Assuming that these are all wide range of models that have been produced by Lego I assume that ALL Power Functions trains will work with this piece.

Thanks for supporting, sharing, and commenting! Keep it coming!

-Railway Enthusiast


Criticism, Comments, etc.

Hey Guys, I realized I should mention that any criticism, compliments, suggestions, etc. are all welcome. I also allow permission for anyone to share the project but not copy the project.

Thanks, Railway Enthusiast

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