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Mech Command Bay, Neo Classic Space


The 2nd alternate build

With the bricks of this set proposal an alternate build would be possible.
Here is a picture of how the main build and the 2nd build could be arranged if built at the same time.

The pic serves to show you what I have in mind. Hope you like it and keep supporting.
The drone docks would be up as soon as we reach approx 3K supporters!

I wish you all
Merry X-mas and a happy new year!


We have made it to 1000!

In 2 weeks and 1 day we reached the 2nd milestone of 1K supporters. Furthermore we got a total of 167 comments. And for all this I would like to say: thank you!

Here is a pic of the Mech Command Base:

The Mech Command Base consists of multiple sets of the Mech Command Bay. There are several mechs, heavy mechs and light ones like the one in the repair bay. Drones and gliders hover around and some middle sized spaceships have their mission.

ATTENTION: Some Facebook friends thought it would be cool to have a monorail in the set. I think they are right. As the brick count does not allow to include a monorail, I have decided to make a 2in1 set out of this. The second alternative build would be a monorail and some other features.
For this I needed to make some changes to the Mech Command Bay. I just finished with these changes.

Now that the bricks needed for the monorail are included in the set, I started rendering the new pics. My plan is to upload them around end of the month.

Currently I can only say the Mech Command Bay looks even better now. I will post previews of the altered set proposal in Facebook prior to the end of the month.

If you want this set to reach 10K, support it, leave a comment and tell your friends.
Also support and comment the Galaxy Dropship if you haven't yet.
See you end of the month!


We made it to 100. Thank you sooooo much!

100 supporters and almost 40 comments in less than 12 hrs.
That is something. We are on to something. We are reviving Classic Space!

Here is a pic of the Galaxy Explorer 10497 landing at the Mech Command Bay for repairs and fuelling.
See you at the next milestone!

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