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Winter in the Woods


On some rare winter days, Santa's trusted team of diligent elves can be seen working "in the field".  Because let's face it--not all gifts are built in the factory. 

In this unusual scene, a group of elves offer their assistance and knowledge to assemble a woodland cabin for someone who's been exceptionally nice this year.  But something isn't quite right.  While some elves are hard at work chopping wood and painting the cabin, others are caught fooling around, building snowmen and partaking in a nasty snowball fight.  And where's that elf who should be hanging Christmas lights at the back of the house?...

This scene features unique detailing, building techniques, and playful features in every corner.  Details of the scene include:

  • uniquely stylized pine trees
  • tree stump for wood chopping
  • mounds of freshly shoveled snow with mini elf footprints
  • owls perched high up in the trees. 
  • an elf on stilts!
  • a frigid snowman to keep guard

The cabin includes a porthole window in the side, a front door with viewing window and doorknob, a porch light hanging above the door, wood log siding, Christmas lights and a wreath, and a snow covered, detachable roof crowned with a shiny red ribbon.  Around back you'll find plenty of tools and firewood. 

Please support & share if you'd like to add this to your winter collection!

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