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Lego® Star Wars™ Mini Republic Dropship - LAAT/c "Wampa Runner"

Vehicle Synopsis:
  • The Low Altitude Assault transport/carrier, known more simply as the LAAT/c, was a vehicle carrier variant of Rothana Heavy Engineering's Low Altitude Assault Transport series of repulsorlift gunships developed for the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • The LAAT/c was specifically developed to deploy vehicles on the battlefield, ferrying them to and from orbiting transports and assault ships. The gunship was originally designed for use with the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE), but Rothana soon modified the LAAT/c to accommodate a variety of vehicles.
Custom Mini Overview:
During the Clone Wars, many LAAT gunships were customized with special paintwork.
This particular model is known as "WAMPA RUNNER", having a picture of a Wampa on both sides of the nose. During the time of the Clone Wars, a Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier with a picture of a snarling wampa on the front of it saw service with the Grand Army of the Republic. A number of clone troopers gave the vehicle the nickname Wampa Runner.
  • Sticker Info: The nose decals and Republic Emblem decals are custom made stickers.
  • All stickers made for this model were glossed finished to the look and touch, giving that great quality finish and overall wanted appearance.
Custom Mini Details:
  • 96 Pieces. Made with Brand new pieces.
  • This model is accented in Blue and Bright Red, true to the LAAT/c dropship design in the Star Wars universe.
  • Custom republic emblems stickers finished on both sides of the gunship.
  • Custom republic nose stickers finished on both sides of the gunship(This particular model portraying "Wampa Runner"  
  • Mini Model Dimensions: 3 3/4" in length, 2 1/4 in height, 4 1/4" in width (from wing tip to wing tip)
  • The wings do fold up and down as a feature. The Legs as well, can be adjusted if desired,

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