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Pirate Cove

This awesome LEGO set is A Small Beach. I called it Pirate Cove because it has been taken over by pirates who have built a large fort there. This set features a big building, a little shed, a rowboat, and an outdoor prison in the back. There is a lush green palm tree in the front. The first level of the building features a treasure room complete with gems and trophies. The second level is the captain's office with a chair and a desk there is also a  balcony with a door leading to it. The last level is the lookout point for the pirates to spot any intruders. There are 11 Minifigures in this set.

I built this because there are barely any lego pirates sets so I wanted to make one.

I think this will make an amazing lego set because lots of people like pirates and so it would be great to have some more pirate sets. 

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