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Margherita is the highest situated mountain chalet. It is located in the Wallis Alps in Italy at altitudes of 4554 meters above the sea. It is more than 120 years old but the last reconstruction was carried out in 1980. Let’s set off for the Margherita chalet, meet a hungry bear, climb up the steep rocks, take your dinner and stay overnight at this charming chalet. I love mountains and mountain chalets and that's why I designed my own model of this unique one. I suppose every mountaineer would love so. And this time no need to travel. Good luck and enjoy your mountain experience.

The model of chalet is situated on the steep rock and includes: downstairs kitchen and dining room with 3 tables, a staircase, upstairs there are 6 bunk beds in three dormitory rooms, down the rock there is a dense forest with its inhabitant – a hungry bear.