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Unseen University


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Welcome to Unseen University, Ankh-morpork's wizarding university based on Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.

The University has two stories and a removable roof. Outside is the Tower of Art and Old Tom. Inside on the ground floor are the Library and Great Hall. On the second level is the Department of Post-Mortem Communications and the High Energy Magic research area.

The Tower of Art is the oldest part of the university and has been the place various battles between wizards and demon dimension creatures.

Old Tom is the university's bell. It doesn't have a clapper but due to being made of a magical metal it manages to ring out deafening silences instead of noise.

Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully, Head of Unseen University, can be found in the Great Hall in discussion with one of the other faculty wizards. The Hall is a favourite place of the wizards who are never far from their next meal.

The Library is ruled over by the Librarian. He was once human but was transformed into an orangutan long ago by a magical accident and is perfectly happy to stay this way. Visiting him is the wizzard Rincewind with his many legged, and very faithful, sapient pearwood Luggage.

Upstairs in the Department of Post-Mortem Communications we find the Head of the Department Dr. Hix and his assistant Charlie the skeleton. As the university's evil wizard (as defined by university statutes) he gets to wear all black robes and commit evil deeds such as planting his amateur theater group's tickets in people's pockets.

In the High Energy Magic research area is Ponder Stibbons, one of the youngest faculty members of Unseen University. He is interested in the more theoretical branches of applied magic and is the creator of the university's supercomputer Hex. Hex is made of many different parts including an ant colony and is possibly sentient. He certainly wants his gift fluffy teddy bear from the Hogfather to be nearby. Also found here is the Cabinet of Curiosity, an artifact which for many years sat collecting dust in an attic until Ponder got it out. It contains an infinite number of drawers with an infinite number of different items, all of which are a maximum of fourteen inches square and none of which for some reason are pink.

I hope you enjoy the University as much as I do, the Discworld is a wonderful place to get lost in.


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