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Welcome to the family farm.

The farm house opens up to reveal an upper and lower level. On the ground floor is a coat rack, kitchen, computer work area under the stairs, and a cozy living room. In the kitchen the cupboards, fridge and stove can all be opened. Upstairs is the bathroom, main bedroom with crib and the older child's bedroom.

The barn has a mare and her foal, as well as a cow and chickens. There is also a work bench and a hay loft. The top half of the barn is removable and the barn roof can be swung upwards for access to the loft.

Outside is the pig pen, a garden, a comfy bench on the house porch, and a dog house.

Minifigures included are a child playing with his dog outside, mother collecting eggs in the barn, grandmother working in the garden, father in the kitchen, and baby sleeping in the crib.

I've always wanted a farm so I had lots of fun making this. I hope you enjoy too. :)

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