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Unseen University



The Auditors of Reality are attempting to have the Hogfather inhumed. While he's absent it's up to Death to take care of the Hogfather's work to make sure people keep believing in him. Realizing something is amiss, the University faculty summon the Hogfather and discover his unusual replacement instead.(book: Hogfather)

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Inadvisably Applied Magic

The Department of Inadvisably Applied Magic has been busy! It might be time to call in the Archchancellor.



Ho, the Megapode!

'The original Megapod was found in the under-butler's pantry', said the Master of The Traditions. 'It escaped in the middle of dinner and caused what my predecessor eleven hundred years ago called .. ' he referred to the book, ' “a veritable heyhoe-rumbelow as all the Fellows pursued it through the college buildings with much mirth and good spirits”. '

“Why?” said the head of the Department of Post-Mortem Communications.

'Oh, you can't have a Megapode running around loose, Doctor Hix.' said Ridcully. 'Anyone'll tell you that.'

Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett, 2009

Thank you all the support so far and the great comments! I love this scene in the book and hope you enjoy it too.