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Lego High School


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This is a Lego high school. It's based off of my actual high school, except that I added a lot of my own twists, and made it a modular. It is 2594 pieces total. Unfortunately the pictures that I took are not exactly the best because it is my first time removing the background, but the pictures will still be able to tell far more than my description ever will. However, I will give a description of what the rooms actually are. On the first floor, left side, there is the office and the principal (or headmaster/headmistress, depending on where you are from) has his office behind the door by the stairs. On the right side is the students' "lounge," if you will, which is where students eat lunch or hang out during non-class time. There is also a restroom in this area. On the second floor is the computer room and an art classroom, and on the other side is a science classroom and a generic classroom that could be used for anything. On the third floor are more generic classrooms. And on the ground, in between the two buildings, is a basketball court for students to play on. The minifigures are a headmaster/principal, two teachers, an administrator, and five students. Five of the minifigs are based off of real people that I have encountered in high school.

I built this project because I wanted to create a Lego version of my high school, and have something based on my actual life in Lego. This would make a good set because I have seen that there have been no real Lego schools, other than in Friends sets, ever really produced, and this project would provide that missing piece. After all, some of us may not like/have liked going to school, but it is an essential part of any city.

Please support, follow, etc. Thank you for viewing this project, it is very much appreciated!

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