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Modular Ice Cream Shop


Hello and thank you for visiting my project page.

I have realized that my descriptions for my other projects are too long so I will try to keep this one short. This is a modular ice cream shop with bright orange walls with patterns. However, if put against other modular buildings, the orange walls are hidden, so we don't need to worry about that. Upstairs is an apartment with living space for one person. Very clearly, this minifigure needs his/her space-and some space for fake flowers! However, this apartment's resident is not built yet-I am still finalizing minifigures and will post them in a later update.

I built this modular as just another modular-seriously. I wanted to make another to increase diversity in the modular building line. I felt like there should be more modern buildings in that line, and this ice cream shop is just a more modern modular to satisfy this want. However, it still looks older, as I used profile bricks on the exterior to give the whole thing some texture. 

Thank you for viewing! Please support, follow, etc.

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