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Welcome to the Music School, a place where you can learn to play any instrument-as long as it is a piano.

This music school is situated in a half-modular, in a brick building done in dark tan on top, and it is made of 1006 pieces. Walking under the striped awning (in the brightest colors possible, of course) and in through the glass door, one would encounter a waiting room with one chair and a desk for the reception team. There are also places throughout the modular for people to stand. However, the street light is built slightly differently. This was born out of me not being able to find the little 2x2 dish pieces. I found them later, but had already taken some screenshots of the place, so I didn't bother to change it. Anyways, in the music room, there is a piano with some sheet music and a bench, of course. On the wall in both the waiting room and the music room are clocks so everyone can tell the time.

On the second and third floor there is a living space for people to live in. Unfortunately, due to layout issues, I ended up placing the kitchenette on the second floor with the bathroom, which is far too big, instead of with the dining area. This means that minifigures will have to walk up the stairs with their meal to get to the dining area. But because they are minifigures, it doesn't matter-minifigures can do anything. Anyways, in the bathroom, there is a toilet (of course), some toilet paper on a roll, a sink with a simulated mirror, and the shower, which has a showerhead and some soaps. The kitchenette has a refrigerator, a sink, a stove, an oven, and some more storage. There is actually some stuff inside the refrigerator, but unfortunately, no screenshot exists of the inside of the refrigerator. The third floor holds a dining space for two people, with red and blue seat cushions to distinguish between whose seat is whose. On the table is a bouquet of flowers in a vase for decoration, and there is a picture on the wall. Behind another door is the bedroom, where there is a bed for two people, a flat-screen TV on the wall, and a dresser/nightstand with a phone and a TV remote on it. Behind the bed is another picture. The roof is not much to talk about, but I will mention that there is a white owl up there.

I built this project because I always have thought that we need more modular stuff (way more than once per year; I enjoy building modulars more than any other type of set) and decided that I should create one of my own. It took me a long time to figure out what to do but I eventually decided on a music school because it is something that I have not seen from anyone yet.

Please don't forget to support, share, and likewise. Thank you for viewing this project!

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