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Welcome to the Visual Arts Workshop, a five-story, totally official modular-compatible, workshop for visual artists.

Because this thing is so huge, I might as well dive right in. No minifigures yet, but I will add them in a later update.

On the first floor, you would pass a tree and turn at a streetlight to come to a front door. Walk up the steps to enter the mural and large painting workshop. Currently, there is a mural going on on the back of the front wall, which has siding on it, but only a small window strip because the mural artists want as much wall space as possible. On another wall is a large painting, and there is a bathroom-the only bathroom in the place-on this floor. There is also a sink for paintbrushes and the like.

Go out of the back door to see a staircase to your right and walk up to find a studio for the small paintings and sculptures of all sizes. Currently, two paintings are in progress, while someone is still sculpting a statue of a person out of the air-dry clay (sorry, no room for a kiln). There is another statue that is currently in the process of being painted. Of course on both the first and second levels there are paint cans everywhere.

Walk up the stairs in the room to find a Lego room outfitted with walls of brick drawers for all of your Lego needs, in all colors and shapes and sizes. There is a Lego city in progress in one corner and a Lego sculpture of a person. This one's called "Child With Frog," and it represents a little boy holding a frog. Not the most realistic Lego sculpture, but I couldn't really find anything else to do. Other than that, the Lego room is relatively plain, due to the fact that the Lego artist is displaying their sculptures at a convention at the moment. If this becomes a set then you may add sculptures as you wish.

Now, I know we would all love to be in the Lego room all day, but unfortunately, we have to continue our tour. Out the door and up the stairs is the photography floor. On one wall is a background and a camera aimed at it to potentially photograph someone in front of the background. On the other side of the room is the photo editing station. As much as many would like to say otherwise, quite often the photos that we see today are Photoshopped, so there is a computer for all of your editing needs. Go through the white door and you'll find an infinite white background, referred to by some as the "white void." Inside, it looks as if someone is photographing a miniature car. White voids like this are often used for Lego photography, so I couldn't resist adding some references to Lego and fans like us.

Now, walk up the stairs and find yourself in the planning room. This room is full of computers to work on plans for your projects, with digital drawing programs, some blueprint applications, and, of course, Lego Digital Designer. In the corner nearest the stairs there is a desk without a computer (and a pen, and paper) for those who want to work old-school, and on a corner table, a small metal sculpture is displayed.

That pretty much sums up the whole thing. I'm not going to go into detail about the roof, because there really isn't much worth talking about on the roof. Minifigs, as I mentioned earlier, are coming in a later update, so keep a lookout for that update!

I built this project with a similar idea to the last one-to add more modulars. I love modulars more than any other style of Lego set and feel like we need more of them, especially in the Lego Ideas line. If you feel the same way, please support, follow, share, and likewise. Thank you for viewing!

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