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Tank Engine


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        Climb aboard this green steamer and race through the countryside with a fast freight or a passenger train. This green tank engine, based off of European prototype steam tank locomotives from the early 1900s, includes accurate detailing on both the exteriror and interiror, with hand rails running the length of the boiler, front steps and lanterns, running gear, pistons, grab irons, steam dome with whistle, two side mounted water tanks, small coal bunker in the rear, and a detailed cab with numerous nobs, valves, and gauges.

          The tank engine was designed as a more compact, shorter range steam locomotive, with its water tank and coal bunker mounter on the locomotive frame, negating the need of a coal/water tender. However, the tanks and coal bunkers on the tank engines were often quite small in comparison to a standard tender, limiting the locomotive's range. Despite their shortened range, these compact locomotives often had impressive hauling capabilities due to the increased weight on the locomotive's drivers from the water tanks and coal bunker. The water tanks were typically mounted on the sides of the boiler, while the coal bunker was mounted in the rear behind the cab, as displayed on this model. These locomitves were primarily used for switching assignments and local passenger/commuter service, though some also hauled local freight trains.

          The elegance of this model makes it a great desk display, and its durability allows it to be used hauling a variety of trains on any Lego train set. Additionally, this locomotive depicts a more scale representation of the correct size of locomotives (and train cars) in comparison to minifigures, with the engine being eight to ten studs wide. Although the model is not currently outfitted with power functions, the modification is possible, with the train motor powering two of the drivers and the battery box sitting inbetween the two tanks in the boiler. The reciever could then be mounter either direclty in front of the cab, or in the cab. This great tank engine build is a fantastic model for either display or play! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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