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Miniature Train Station - Workshop


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The idea

For as much as we love big builds like some of LEGO's recent projects, what I'm curious about is what the appeal for a micro set will be. With this in mind the idea for a micro scale train set came to mind as many people already have hobbies related to the subject.

The build

The build consists of:
  • A modular rail system that includes pieces for turns to the left and right.
  • A train workshop for the old steam engine train, or any other train.
  • A train station with chairs and an entrance gate.
  • A walkway and driveway on which one can cross the rails, just make sure the gates are up.

The functionality

The functionality of the build is as follows:
  • "Drive-able" trains, there was no room for a motor in the trains unfortunately.
  • A drive-in workshop for vintage trains.
  • Opening ports and doors.


Model part count: 2567

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