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Mickey's Trailer


Oh boy!

Here I've put together a model based off of the classic 1938 Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey's Trailer.

This is one of the many Mickey Mouse cartoons I grew up watching and I hope you've seen it too, but in case you haven't, it's available on Youtube!

In the cartoon, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are living in a trailer. They start out parked in the incredibly scenic city dump before heading out on a rather rambunctious adventure out on the road.

For my project proposal I suggest they include a couple chickens and a cow, all of which make an appearance briefly in the show. I also included the "CITY DUMP" sign and the "ROAD CLOSED" sign. Unfortunately there's no Goofy minifigure, but I think the set could easily get by with just Mickey and Donald. Maybe a minifigure of Donald Duck in his pajamas?

I didn't go for an exact replication of the trailer in the episode, but I made a similar version that I think captures the essence of the one in the show while adapting it in a way that works great for Lego bricks. 

I haven't put together an interior, but the entire project is under 300 pieces with all the accessories, meaning a $30 set would be entirely within reason.

I hope you enjoy the build and I hope you enjoyed watching the cartoon! Check out my other projects on Ideas:

Thanks for taking a look!

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