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Lego City Recreational Park


This is a recreational park based off the design my sister made for a Lego Friends contest. I told her we'd rework it into a City themed set and put it up on Lego Ideas! 

A City playground/recreational park is sorely missing from Lego City. This project aims to rectify that!

The set is designed modularly. So sections could easily be taken out to make a cheaper set, or added in to make a more robust park. Here's what my proposal currently includes:

Restrooms: The building with the green roof has two bathrooms and a drinking fountain. It's the largest part of the set and currently uses around 500 pieces. The design of the bathroom could easily be scaled down to just one bathroom, or even just an outhouse. Other techniques, such as changing the walls or the floor, could also substantially reduce the piece count and the price. The bathrooms each have two stalls, a sink, and a blowdrier. It'd probably add about $40 to the cost of the set.

The Playground: The playground is made of wood and green plastic, matching the restrooms. It currently uses about 300 pieces and the count could easily be reduced using pieces that weren't available to me. It'd probably add about $30 to the cost of the set, but that could be reduced to $20-25 using other pieces.

The Swings: The set includes a tire swing and a pair of regular swings. The swings are a little high in terms of piece count, but that is because they use a lot of small pieces. The tire swing uses around 85 pieces and the regular swing uses around 115. The swings would likely only ad $10-15 to the cost of the set. Yes, they actually work!

The Tennis Court: The tennis court surprisingly comes in at only around 200 pieces. It features a full court and a cage to prevent the tennis ball from flying outside the court. It'd likely add $20 to the cost of the set. Unfortunately the digital program I used didn't have the tennis racket pieces . . . So I gues the playerrs are using frying pans for now!

The Bench, Bike Rack, Picnic Table and Grill: The bench, bike rack. picnic table and grill are around 200 pieces and would likely add $15 to the cost of the set. They're rather small components that really add to the atmosphere of the park.

The current minifigure lineup includes a grandma and grandpa, two tennis players, a dad working the grill, a teenager at the park listening to music, two tweens playing on the swingset, and two young kids playing at the slide. 

The overall cost of the set in its current form would be around $120. I'm planning on reworking the restrooms, picnic table, bike rack, becnh and grill into one build that should substantially reduce the piece count and the price.

The nature of the set means it's easy to add/change things in updates, so please provide comments, suggestion and criticisms.

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