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Disney Fantasia - Sorcerer's Apprentice Magic Brooms


Mickey the Sorcerer Minifigure

So I was told to consider adding a few characters, and of course, this is well timed with the release of the LEGO Disney Minifigures.

Sorcerer Mickey!!

This can be done fairly quickly and easily with existing parts.

You will need to get Mickey and at least the Mr. Incredible. 
The Arms for Mr. Incredible are perfect, swap the hands, and Viola! 

Cape is from Star Wars Imperial Guards, battle pack. 

I know Mickey didn't have a cape, but it looks better!

I was able to mark and cut into a hat from the Wizard from Minifigure Series 12.

I liked the fact that the hat already has some of the needed markings. But cutting it to accommodate Mickey's ears is key.

Get a pair of black short legs, and you're done!

(Might consider painting the "toes" of the feet Yellow, to complete the feet of Mickey. But not sure it's necessary.)

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