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Curious George (2006): George and the Man in the Yellow Hat Meet

Curious George is one curious monkey and his curiosity led him to meet the Man in the Yellow Hat. In 2020 I started to make a LEGO of this amazing scene from the Curious George (2006) Movie. I built this set because I feel like both children and adults would love to see George as a LEGO minifigure. I believe this would make a great LEGO set because everyone would enjoy playing with a set like this. I tried my best to match the scene from the movie.

  • Tent can be removed easily 
  • Tent can open up in the front and the top for easy access to the interior
  • Storage for binoculars and hair piece
  • A vine for George to swing on as well as a tree for him to climb on 
  • Banana can be placed on the tree
  • The Man in the Yellow hat can be seated on the roots of the tree and can eat his sandwich too
  • Cooler can also be removed easily
  • The Man in the Yellow Hat 
  • George

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